Monero is what people think Bitcoin is -/r/monero

XMR is truely decentralized & anonymous financial freedom. We're just here to help aid in adoption.

Our Services

Mining Pool Live!

A Monero Mining Pool. Zero fees, Bonus Hashrate for all active miners, and more! Click the Sign In button to get started.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Under Development.

We are investigating a means of exchange, but no guarentees. Keep an eye on Haveno DEX in the meantime!

XMR Marketplace Under Development.

At some point in the future we'll be launching an XMR-only marketplace, more details to come!

Monero Wallet Live!

A client-side Monero Web Wallet. Send and receive XMR anywhere from your favorite browser, without sharing any information with us!

Blockchain Explorer Live!

A Monero Blockchain Explorer. View what's happening on the Monero Network from anywhere!

Public Node Live!

A Monero Public Node. Sync your wallet remotely, without needing to download the blockchain locally!

You can reach us over Tor @ monerod2jqtblreunnwtzqbjjj4slvsd3cjbhnzt2evwnry5u772l3qd.onion
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