A Nonprofit & Open Source XMR Mining Pool

Simple. Anonymous. Community Driven.

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Why Monerod

Zero Fees

This pool has no fees, we even pay your withdrawal TX fee! That being said, please support P2Pool if you can!

Bonus Hashrate

All active miners are automatically part of our crowd-funded Bonus Hashrate rotation! Use XMRig-md to contribute to the Bonus!

Open Source

All of our code is public, so anyone can view or contribute! Check out our Github if you're interested in getting started!

Connection Guide

1. Download XMRig-md or XMRig Official.

2. Update the following values in XMRig's config.json file, then run XMRig as administrator (Windows) or sudo (Linux).

"url": "",
"user": "YourWalletAddress",
"pass": "YourWorkerName",
"keepalive": true,
"tls": true,

Unencrypted Mining: Set your config.json's "url" to "" with "tls" set to false.

Tor Mining: Set your config.json's "url" to "monerod3ejgt6a54uq5gha3mt5qilwivrzp4genp2flhpudkjnhf33id.onion:4444" with "tls" set to true.

3. Sign In here with your Wallet Address!

You can reach us over Tor @ monerod2jqtblreunnwtzqbjjj4slvsd3cjbhnzt2evwnry5u772l3qd.onion
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