About Monerod

Monerod is a nonprofit, but not a formal organization or company. This platform & its code is written by Monero community members from around the world, with contributions and cloud infastructure provided by our team.

Originally founded as MONEROMINEco in February 2021, our goal was to not only provide a mining pool to aid in hashrate decentralization, but a hub for the community to learn and discuss Monero. Since then we've targeted XMR adoption, stood up a number of other Monero-focused services, and decided to rebrand to Monerod along the way. We are "staffed" with an excellent team, and our community's growth & passion has been astounding (shoutout to all of our amazing Community Liasons)!

Please feel free to join our Discord/Matrix community to discuss cryptocurrency at large, view announcements, and participate in events/giveaways. You can also check out our Wiki, which contains a slew of information on Monero, Wallets, Mining, and more.


Our Team

Admin & Mod Staff


Fueled by IPAs and adult ADHD, here to get things done.


Hi, I’m Laz, I’m an addict, I love numbers, math, and probability. I’m here because no matter how hard I try, I can’t crack the crypto code and I keep coming back over and over. I’ll continue to study blockchain knowledge and one day I’ll figure out how to tilt the probability in my favor, until then you can find me in discord chatting endlessly or drinking beer.


Ulysses Patera here, musician, expert in mid-century technology (especially electronics), vintage sci-fi enthusiast, and maybe someday futurist. I'm here to explore money as a social construct as we enter the next modern age.


My name is Brent. I am from Toronto, Ontario. I am the keeper of the birds. I enjoy chatting about crypto, and learning about crypto currency. A true Monero fan!


I put the "Idiot" in "Idiot Savant". You can pull me into a conversation about anything, and what I don't have two paragraphs worth of understanding of - I'll google quick and give you a take. Atlantic Canadian. Carpenter & Trades Mutt. Dreaming of System Admin. Gen X Refugee. Beer, Hockey, Family. Mechanical adventures.


I am just a computer nerd who has no idea what he is doing.