Public Node

Wallets, including the Official Monero Wallet, require a connection to the Monero blockchain. Makes sense. Our node allows folks to sync their wallets without having to download the entire blockchain. You can find the official guide here. TLS (SSL) is required for our node, and some connection scenarios may require the Let's Encrypt ISRG_Root_X1.pem certificate.


It is strongly recommended that you host your own (local) copy of the blockchain. This is the only way to ensure nothing has been tampered with, with the added benefit of helping the network. We promise we're not malicious, but please only use our node if you cannot host your own copy.

Remote Node

You can reach us over Tor @ monerod2jqtblreunnwtzqbjjj4slvsd3cjbhnzt2evwnry5u772l3qd.onion
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